LoMo - Expedition
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We took off with 2 Yamaha XT600, model 2000.


The following modifications are done on both motorcycles:

  • Front luggage rack (self made)
  • Rear luggage rack (self made)
  • 1x side boxes with petrol can rack (thanks to Ebay)
  • 1x side boxes + 2 top cases by Zarges
  • A car power socket each to use hair cutting machine and MP3 player

Larger tanks where ordered, but even after a two months waiting time we couldn't change our money into these tanks. Now we are using each three extra petrol cans (additional volume: 20 litres). Tyres: Metzler Kangoo.

The following inspections/repairs were necessary so far:

3500Starter relay defect, build in of a new one 
3600Start of the LoMo-Expedition
5000New rear tyre: change from Dunlop TrialMax to Metzler Kangoo 
5700 Starter relay defect, from now on relay will be bridged to start (russian technology)
6800Inspection: oil change, cleaning of air filter, carburetor, valves and brakes are checked
10300Nail in rear tyre, tube completely destroyed, build in of a new one 
12500 Change of rear brake pads
15900Inspection: oil and filter change, air filter change, carburetor and brakes are checked, valves adjusted
17000Chain bend and broken by run off, assembly of a new one 
18500Hole in the rear tube, after two times repair finally change into a new one 
21300Pinion changedComplete chain set changed
22000Change of front brake pads 
25500Inspection: oil change, cleaning of oil filter, valves adjusted, brakes checked, spark plugs changed
 Change of airfilter, rear and front brake pads, russian starter technology revised
25600 Flat rear tyre, twice repaired
26000 Change of rear brake pads again, chinese ones broke
30012speedometer shaft broken, now a malay one is doing the job 
33300Inspection: oil and filter change, carburetor and brakes checked, valves adjusted
 change of front wheel (finally it was time), rear wheel: hole in tube repaired
34300speedometer shaft broken again, now an indian one is doing the job 
35000 Nail in rear tyre, hole in tube repaired
37600hole in tube of rear wheel because of a fissure in profile, hole patched and tyre changed (Pirelli MT21) 
40600 Kupplungsbowdenzug gerissen, repariert
44700Inspection: oil and filter change, cleaning of air filter, sparking plug changed, brakes checked, valves adjusted
New front tyre, change from Dunlop TrialMax to Metzler KangooNew rear tyre (Vee Rubber V163)
47600Arrival of the LoMo-Expedition
Conclusion: The XT 600 is a very reliable motorcycle, easy to maintain and we can only recommend it for this kind of travelling.