LoMo - Expedition
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Links and Credits

These links lead to websites of other people or organisations which we met on our tour, which helped or supported us in various ways, or whose websites we just want to suggest.

Not only in preparation of our tour but also while on the road we had a lot of helping hands. Here we want to thank them:

  • Luggage system: Seelower Stahlbau GmbH
  • Visa for Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia: Visa?Wie, Berlin
  • Physician f tropical diseases: Fr. Dr. Hegenscheid, Eichwalde
  • Internet presentation by: Steffen Sledz
  • Italian translations: Guilia la Rocca
  • Russian translations: Olga Hermann and Lev Tulubjev
  • Alu welding Nicolai, Irkutsk
  • Baikal Hostel, Irkutsk
  • "Secure overnight stay service" Rose Tian, Beijing
  • "Overnight stay service on the water" Yeo and Adela, Kuala Lumpur
  • Shipment from Northport in Malaysia supported by Mr. Mosses
  • Side box letterings: eureweb, Italy