LoMo - Expedition
Wildau → Shanghai → Wildau
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The Team

Mo Rayko Moritz - Mo (1974)
Since 1997 he is a self-employed musician and music teacher for piano and keyboard. If you plan a party with life music, it doesn't matter whether you like to have a band or a solo pianist, he will be the one for you.

Lo Markus Rohling - Lo (1974)
Since 1998 he is working in Marketing and Sales, with a leading position in Marketing. If you are looking for a professional expert with international experiences for marketing and sales (especially security products), he will be the one for you.


The Project

We planned a journey from Wildau (near Berlin/Germany) to Shanghai and back. To take the plane is boring, to walk it takes you too long. That's the reason why we decided to take the motorcycle for this trip (even so we are long time motorcyclists). The route should go through the following countries: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, U.A.E., Oman, Jemen, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunesia, Marokko, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany.

planned route


The Duration

Starting at May 1st, 2003 and finishing at May 1st, 2004.


The Finish

After 44,000km we arrived as planed on May 1st, 2004 in Wildau. To realize this date we had to change our planed route. Already after our travel through China we had to make our first change, because we weren't able to get into Myanmar (see travelogue China VII). Via Laos and Thailand we arrived finally in Malaysia. From Port Klang (close to Kuala Lumpur) we shiped our motocycles to Chennai (Madras). The complete procedure took us more time as expected and so we diceded to cancel the African part our tour. From Chennai we followed the way through India via Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Austria to Germany.

We like to thank all of you who helped us before, during and after the journey. Since autumn 2004 you can see many of the adventures we experienced during our Asian-journey in our 2 hours lasting slide show. The latest schedule you will find here. If you like, we also come with our show to you, to your club or to your company. Please use for inquiries the contact form.